About HMS Elektronik

Established in 1975, HMS Elektronik, under the passionate leadership of founder Hans M. Strassner, has become synonymous with technology-driven, quality audio products. Known for its engineering expertise, HMS has built a dedicated following of audiophiles who value precision and performance.

HMS cable developments are based on strict physical principles.

Minimal losses and maximum protection from interference are the most important characteristics and guarantee unadulterated sound with maximum dynamics. This has already been achieved with the Gran Finale Jubilee series with outstanding sonic results, but with Suprema it has been perfected. But even the less expensive lines benefit from our principles in line with their price range.

The sound enhancement of your hi-fi/home cinema system will confirm this in a convincing way.

Your specialist for high-end cables and line filter technology

We are now a part of International Audio Holding B.V., parent company of renowned audio technology brands Siltech and Crystal Cable. With a legacy of over 40 years, IAH is committed to delivering high-end audio solutions, marked by innovation, precision, and exceptional craftsmanship.


40+ Years of Experience

50+ Distribution Partners

10,000+ Products Produced per Year

Who We Are


In Hi-End Audio Cable designs and net filter technology to improve your audio systems.


We have a legacy of designing highly acclaimed products based on strict scientific principles.


We know the true sense of your music and we ensure to bring the live experience to your living room.


We leverage our knowledge and scientific approach to bring the highest quality to cables and power filter technology.