HMS Elektronik is now a brand of IAH

On December 15th 2023 International Audio Holding (IAH), home to esteemed audio brands Siltech and Crystal Cable, announced its acquisition of HMS Elektronik as of January 1st, 2024. This strategic move  signifies an expansion of IAH’s product portfolio and solidifies its position as a key player in the high-end audio industry.

Hans M. Strassner, founder of HMS Elektronik, expressed his pride in entrusting his brand to IAH after almost 50 years: “Siltech and Crystal Cable enjoy immense respect in the industry, and IAH’s engineering-focused approach aligns with our core values. My visits to their facility and interactions with the IAH team have reinforced my belief that they are the right choice to continue and potentially elevate the brand.”

Edwin Rijnveld, CEO and Chief Engineer of IAH, is excited about the new addition: “HMS products bring a different perspective to our current offerings from Siltech and Crystal Cable. Their unique philosophy and power filter range expand our options, which will lead to an exciting knowledge exchange among the various technologies used in the brands.”

Viktor de Leeuw, Operations Director at IAH, emphasized the commitment to preserving each brand’s distinct identity: “HMS will continue to be an independent brand following their proven production methods. We will look for the most efficient way to organize production of the three brands, and at the same time ensure they all keep their own unique product philosophy and brand character. This acquisition enables us to serve a broader audience of hi-fi enthusiasts.”

The IAH team serves all current and future HMS retail partners and users in the best possible way, as they have always been used to.