Product Description

Energia MKII, the successor to our successful first version, has been developed to meet the dramatic increase in electrosmog today and in the future and benefits from the technological advances of our top-of-the-range Energia Definitiva and Energia RC models:
 available with 3-5-7-9-11-13 slots
 Single slot filtering of your choice,
 Integrated lightning / overvoltage protection
 white marked phase connection
 Extender connection (optional)
 Energia SL connection cable 1.5 m (optional)

Extender option – Very useful, additional IEC socket connection. An additional Energia MKII or third-party distribution board can be connected here if the system has grown beyond the number of components initially planned or if long component cables are to be avoided.
DCS: stands for Direct Current Suppression. This technology guarantees the highest sound quality and no hum from transformers in asymmetrically loaded networks.
GLS stands for Ground Loop Suppression. This technology suppresses ground loops in more complex systems where the cause is difficult or impossible to determine.

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