Product Description

Compared to our previous top-of-the-range cable, Gran Finale Jubilee interconnect has been developed with the same physics but with even more consistent use of the lowest-loss materials available today. The result:

– Ultimate low-loss – powerful and natural sound –

Parallel-balanced (twin-axial) cable construction equally suitable for RCA and XLR assembly. The dielectric consists of only 5% Teflon supports and 95% of the lowest-loss material that can be used in practical applications: air. The conductors are made of OFCu Hf stranded wire, free of current displacement effects (skin effect). Complete 2-fold electrical and magnetic shielding, resonance-free.
The RCA version is assembled with slotted WBT NextGen*PVD*, the XLR S version with Furutech XLR plug/socket. Also available as phono cable with straight or angled tac-5 connector. The outer jacket is made of nylon fleece braiding. Diameter 11.5 – 14.5 mm; bending radius min. 100 mm.

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